Monday, November 26, 2007

Travel Day

From Africa 2007
Caption: Goodman playing with his GPS.

Finally... we made it to Nairobi after 2 long flights and one crying baby (the baby wasn't that bad to be honest.) I managed to get up to speed on our Kenya and Ethiopia programs, reading a thick stack of papers on the Amsterdam to Nairobi leg. I also knocked off 2 issues of Golf magazine, Fast Company and a Fundraising Success mag.

The first flight from JFK had this cool interactive entertainment system on which I played some mini-golf, watched "The Simpsons Movie" and caught up on an episode of "Arrested Development." I also listened to a Shins album, proving that KLM is one sweet airline.

When we finally arrived in Nairobi, my bag took it's sweet timing coming off the plane, but it finally did come off to my extreme relief. The hotel is pretty nice, I'm watching what I think is live NBA basketball, but it may be a day old, I'm not sure exactly. The room has free wi-fi, it's pretty slow, but working so far. Not bad!

When we got out of the car at the hotel, the first person I saw had a Yankees cap on. I pointed to it and gave him the thumbs up. He is indeed a Yankess fan. I stopped short of asking him what he thought of ARod re-signing.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Kakuma at 5:45 am, so I'm about to try to get some sleep.

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