Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Under the African Sky

On the way back from dinner (lentils, pasta and potatoes - I'm carb loaded for the night!) I looked up and was greeted with an amazingly beautiful star-filled sky. The pure blackness against shining stars was stunning and I tried to suck it in and imprint it into my memory. Wow.

I am also having some fun tonight in my own sick way. I've set up a bed net to protect me from bad guy buggers and realized that I also get to be a princess! Sydney, I'm thinking of you! (Pictures to come eventually).

This afternoon we drove the 6km or so to the northern edge of kakuma camp and met some Darfurian women who had just completed a 4 day hygene course. Kellie, IRC Kenya country director, had the good fortune to hand them their certificates. It was a nice moment.

On the way back to the car, we were mobbed by kids ranging in age from 4 to what seemed like 17 or 18 - all smiles and hand shakes. I think David was a bit freaked, but I really enjoyed it. Looking into their faces was odd, I couldn't tell if I was looked at as a curiosity or something else. I wanted to feel sad, but they were all so excited to see us that I don't think I stopped smiling until we drove off.

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